To travel is such a great experience. I love to travel my-self, but to make others to do so and help them to find the best travel destination and travel safety it’s such a great feelings. I'm a travel professional since 1989 and I established my own company GV Travel in 1998. The travel industry changed so much in the last 20 years, I decided to join to Travel Only Inc in 2015 to be able to offer even more services and better deals to my clients. It's a great decision. It's always make me happy when I can help to people to find the best destination for their travel plan and make their trip unforgettable, enjoyable and safety as much as it’s possible. Today there is so many sources about travel options, but to find a right information or deal it's not so easy if someone who doesn’t have an experience and access all the sources like I do. This is when I come in and help to find the best travel needs to travelers and travel protections. So many times special deals cannot be find online, just by travel professionals. I have a great relationship with all of my clients, even friendship. It's such a great feeling when they return home and say we had a great trip or vacation. If you like to join to my group sign up to my news letter on this page or send me your request about your travel plan You can always contact me ahead if you have any plan in the future, so you won't miss our specials or a seat sale. But if it's a last minute plan I still will do my best. I work hard, so you can relax. I serve you from the Toronto area. My 1st client was from Grand Cayman Island when I started my own company. I hope I can welcome you in my travel team. Gyongyi (Gigi) Vitez Travel Advisor since 1989